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Warm Up At Home: Cozy Fall Indoor Activities + Your MiniNail

Warm Up At Home: Cozy Fall Indoor Activities + Your MiniNail

As we near the end of October, temperatures are finally beginning to drop, marking the beginning of sweater weather and providing the perfect excuse to stay home with only your MiniNail and a pile of blankets to keep you warm. This spooky season has felt a little different, but some things always stay the same… like drinking hot chocolate, getting baked before a movie marathon, and wishing your landlord would turn on the heat... yesterday. 

So if you’re looking for ways to stay cozy while cozying up to your new concentrate, look no further. Here are a few activities and MiniNail accessories that will help you stay warm through the cold months.

Get Baked While Baking + MiniNail Heater Coil Guard

Don’t scoff at the classics. There’s a reason everyone starts making pumpkin bread and squash soup during the fall season, and it’s because those foods taste like comfort. They’re warm, cozy, and (of course) delicious. And like all foods, they are made even better when partnered with dabs.

Baking while getting baked is a classic combo that shouldn’t be ignored this spooky season. But if you choose to take on the challenge, be sure to prioritize safety and invest in MiniNail’s Heater Coil Guard to make the process a lot easier. The coil guard is the perfect cooking companion because it helps prevent unwanted objects from coming in contact with the heater coil… so even though you might end up burning your pumpkin bread, you won’t accidentally burn anything else.

Spooky Movie Marathon + MiniNail White Controller

If you’re someone who only watches scary movies once a year, this is the time. Grab a pile of blankets, light a few candles, and light up your MiniNail for a cinematic combo better than Netflix and Chill. Whether you’re embarking on a Wes Craven marathon or watching Halloweentown for the 17th time this month (no judgment), cannabis and cinema is a match made in heaven. 

If you’re watching with a partner, you might have to hand over the remote controller, but you can still have full reign over MiniNail’s White Enail Controller Box. With the controller box, you can adjust to the ideal temperature to provide consistent heat for the perfect dab every time. The best part? You can pair the device with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to turn it on and off with voice commands, so you won’t even have to escape from your blankets or get off the couch to heat it up. It’s small, safe, a spooky season friendly.

Pumpkin Carving + MiniNail Heater Coil Stand

Looking for a creative outlet? Or maybe you’re just feeling nostalgic and longing for a time when you weren’t the only person responsible for paying bills? Pumpkin carving and cannabis is the solution. Not only is using a carving knife oddly therapeutic but pairing it with a dab (or two) will unleash your inner artist and this activity is way easier as an adult. We recommend using our Heater Coil Stand to make the transition between dabs and drawing your design that much easier.

The MiniNail Heater Coil Stand is the perfect accessory for people who hate trying to find the perfect place to set their dabber down while it’s still hot. It’s small, unobtrusive, and high-quality, so you can easily set down your dabber before picking up your pumpkin again. The Heater Coil Stand works with all coil styles, making it the perfect add on for any setup.

MiniNail provides the perfect dabbing accessories to make your fall activities that much easier and enjoyable. Our Heater Coil Guard, Controller Box, and Heater Coil Stand will help enhance your setup, no matter what you choose to do this season. Whether you’re watching movies, baking, or channeling your inner child with arts and crafts, MiniNail is there to make the experience and your high that much better.