What is the temperature range of the MiniNail™?
  • The temperature ranges from room temperature (65F°) up to 1000°F. The MiniNail is calibrated for accurate temperatures at the optimal range of 400° to 800°F. 
What is the best temperature to set the MiniNail at?
  • 400Âş - 600ÂşF Degrees is the optimal temperature to use for the best combination of flavor and effect.
Do you ship discreetly?
  • Yes, our products are boxed and shipped discretely with only our MiniNail™ name as the return address.
Do you require signature on delivery?
  • Yes, all packages valued over $200 will require signature on delivery.
Does the MiniNail work with portable battery packs?
  • Yes, typical large portable battery packs or AC power banks with 3-prong grounded plugs can run the MiniNail for a few hours.
Does the MiniNail work in vehicles?
  • Yes, since MiniNail's run on only 1 amp (~89watts) it can work in cars using a simple car power inverter you can get at any store. We do not recommend using the MiniNail in a moving vehicle nor do we condone it as it can be dangerous and illegal. 
Do you ship world-wide?
  • Yes, we ship around the world and offer either 120VAC or 230VAC options. We also offer country specific power cords so you can get the exact power cord for your country.  We'll automatically match the power cord and voltage requirements to the country we are shipping too.  

How do you pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

  • Here is a link that will walk you through all the steps.
Will MiniNail work with other big name accessories?
  • Yes, we try and make our MiniNail as versatile as possible so that you can use many types of various accessories from the top brands. This is a big reason why we stick to the standard/common sizing in the industry.
Is MiniNail a safer enail?
  • YES! There are many reasons why the MiniNail is not only highly reliable, but also safe. We incorporate high quality components such as Single Pole Double Throw switches and we ground EVERY connection point on the device. We have also designed an interior fuse to protect the device from power surges. It is very efficient as it runs on only 1 amp (~89 watts); so there is much less power usage than the other Enail companies that run on 5 amps (~240 watts). This will not only be cheaper to use over time but will also last a lot longer. 
What is covered under the warranty?
  • Every MiniNail™ is covered by a 2-year warranty on BOTH the controller and the heater coil. It is worry free for the user, so if there is ever a problem, you can be certain that MiniNail­ team will be able to fix it. All warranty claims can be sent to info@themininail.com.  The full MiniNail Warranty Repair and Return policy can be found here.
What does the temperature on the screen represent?
  • The temperature on the screen represents the temperature of the dabbing surface and NOT the heater coils temperature like other companies. MiniNail pre-calibrates every controller before it gets shipped to the customer to ensure accurate temperatures on the display.
Where are your MiniNails Made?
  • MiniNails are designed, engineered, assembled, packaged, and shipped from our warehouse in Seattle, Washington USA. We even do our own packaging. Every thing we sell is our own design from the ground up. We have engineered our products to function day in and day out for all day usage.
What Quality is your Titanium?
  • We source the highest quality Titanium available (Grade 1,2) that has no impurities such as iron and leads that can be found in other companies products. We also back it with a 3rd Party Scientific lab test to show the quality. Found Here: 3rd Party Lab Tests
Do any other companies heater coils work with your controller box?
  • No, MiniNail™ uses a Mini XLR connection with a unique pin layout that will NOT work with other companies products and vice versa. Most enails are running at much higher power as well that is dangerous and unnecessary. 
What does "EEEE" on the display screen stand for?
  • "EEEE" means that the controller box is not getting a proper reading from the heater coil. This will happen when you unplug the heater coil from the box while it is turned on.
Do you accept returns?
  • Refunds can only be given for products that have not been used within 15 days of purchase.  Original receipt is required and unit can only be returned to store in which it was purchased.  *There is a 10% re-stocking fee for online returns.
Can I cancel my order?
  • Order cancellations can occur within 24 hours of purchase only if the product has not shipped.  If the product has shipped the customer can return the product after receipt for a full refund.
How are the products shipped?
  • Shipping will be determined at the time of packing and tracking information will be provided when the package is scanned by the carrier.
Does MiniNail charge import duties when shipping internationally?
  • No, we do not charge any duty fees as they can differ in every country. The way duties and taxes work for international customers is that it can only be charged once it arrives in the country of destination. The major reasoning behind this is so those national tax authorities can get their taxes and duties from citizens under their laws and jurisdictions.
How do I reach you guys for more questions?
  • Email all inquiries to info@themininail.com
  • Or call us at the number below
(206) 451-7497 (M-F 10am-5PM PST)
MiniNail Controller Specifications
  • 120VAC 3 Prong Power Adapter (Standard computer type power cable US)
  • 5Pin MiniXLR Male Connector for Heater Probe
  • On/Off Master Power Switch


Digital Controller with 4 digit alphanumeric display
  • Dimensions: (L)100mm(W)55mm(H)32mm
  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Sturdy aluminum case with rubber feet



 MiniNail Heater Coil Specifications
  • 25MM Hybrid, ,30MM Hybrid, 35MM Hybrid, 20MM Barrel & Flat Coil Options
  • 100 Watt Heating Element
  • 4’ Kevlar sheathed lead
  • 5Pin MiniXLR Female Connector
  • Maximum temperature 1000°F 


  MiniNail Titanium Specifications