Terp Pearls are small balls typically made from either boro glass, quartz, ruby, or sapphire. Also called “Terp Spheres”, these balls will move and spin around the bottom of your quartz banger or dish when taking a dab. This will cause the concentrate to distribute more evenly and provide better vaporization especially at lower temperatures.

How do you use terp pearls?

To use terp pearls, place one or a few at the bottom of your quartz banger or dish. After both the pearls and the dish have reached proper heating temperatures apply the concentrate. By using either a bubble cap or directional carb cap will cause the pearls to move or spin depending on the cap chosen. The pearls can be left inside the dish or removed after use based on personal preference.

What are the different kind of terp pearls?

There a many types of pearls here are the types carried by MiniNail:

  • Quartz
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire

What Size Terp Pearls Do I need for my MiniNail?

Here are our recommendations for Terp Pearl sizes for each MiniNail Enail Kit:

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