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The MiniNail Micro Enail is the best and only Enail you will ever need.

Our vision has always been to create an extremely high quality enail that provides the best experience possible without compromising quality. One so evolutionary it would improve the process entirely, putting exact temperature control in the hands of our customers while at the same time being reliable to use on a daily basis. With the MiniNail Micro Enail, that vision is now a reality. Taste your terpenes, and get a stronger effect out of your concentrates by setting your preferred temperature. This enail is small and sleek, yet powerful. The most efficient, lowest powered electronic nail on the market. Designed, built, packaged, & shipped from Seattle, Washington, USA. Say hello to the future of dabbing.

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How to Clean a Quartz Banger: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Clean a Quartz Banger: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keep your Quartz Banger Clean. You probably already know that cleaning and maintaining your dab rig is an important and essential part of dabbing properly. However, you may not know that also maintaining the cleanliness of your quartz banger or quartz dish is equally as important.  If you have never...

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MiniNail for Medical Cannabis Patients

MiniNail for Medical Cannabis Patients

One of the most incredible qualities of cannabis is its ability to help people lead genuinely more fulfilling and comfortable lives in times of pain, illness, and hardship. Medical cannabis has come a long way, and today, many who suffer from a broad spectrum of illnesses have turned to the...

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MiniNail x Purr Glass Collab

MiniNail x Purr Glass Collab

MiniNail is committed to giving our customers euphoric dabbing experiences. Those experiences rely on the incredible and innovative eNail sets and the amazing accessories we offer. It's what makes us the best eNail available.  The missing piece though is glassware that balances a sleek design with a sturdy build and...

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