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MiniNail for Medical Cannabis Patients

One of the most incredible qualities of cannabis is its ability to help people lead genuinely more fulfilling and comfortable lives in times of pain, illness, and hardship. Medical cannabis has come a long way, and today, many who suffer from a broad spectrum of illnesses have turned to the plant as an opioid-free, natural solution for physical pain as well as mental illness. Today, medical cannabis patients rely particularly on the most potent cannabis products to find relief from serious ailments and pain – and our team is committed to helping provide the most seamless and user-friendly experience for our medical users. 

Overcoming Tolerance with Concentrate

The beauty of cannabis concentrates is their ability to pack a serious punch: loaded with terpenes and other beneficial cannabinoids and flavonoids, extracts are designed to provide relief particularly those with high tolerances. The infamous “tolerance” for cannabis happens because of how our endocannabinoid systems interact with our brains: THC activates CB1 receptors, which actually decrease as you continue to use cannabis. So since the receptors are desensitized for patients who regularly rely on medical cannabis, it takes a significantly higher amount to feel relief because the brain is constantly receiving THC intake. 

Not only can this become expensive (since medical cannabis is not covered by insurance,) it can be extremely frustrating for medical users who need immediate relief. Thus, dabbing cannabis poses an excellent solution: concentrated amounts of potent cannabis works extremely well even in the smallest amounts.

Common Medical Use of Cannabis Concentrates

Using Medical Cannabis for PTSD 

PTSD is a disorder that develops as result of ongoing exposure to extreme and life-threatening stress, making the individual have to navigate around significant emotional trauma. Patients with PTSD report having difficulty sleeping and performing what would otherwise be normal day-to-day tasks. This is especially true for veterans who have chosen to avoid opioid-based medication and have instead turned to cannabis for relief. According to Health Care in America, “by activating CB1 and CB2 receptors located throughout this core system, cannabinoids could prompt the system to produce neurotransmitters that help promote happiness, pleasure, and memory.” Essentially, the cannabinoids could help PTSD patients regain a sense of emotional wellbeing by preventing the brain from constantly recollecting memories of the trauma.


Cannabis and Crohn’s Disease 

Patients who suffer from Crohn’s disease have increased symptoms of inflammation in their bodies, causing a severe impact on their quality of life. Prolonged additional symptoms like fatigue, appetite loss, weight loss, and fever that makes sleeping at night difficult often accompany the disease. While Crohn’s patients have been using cannabis medically for a long time, recent studies have just now found that cannabis is not responsible for relieving inflammation, but rather an overall relief in symptoms like pain, sleep, and appetite that affect patients’ quality of life. The study supports the idea that the system of receptors in the body that bind to cannabinoids — the endocannabinoid system — could be targeted for treatment in gastrointestinal diseases such as Crohn’s.”


Dabbing Cannabis for Cancer Patients

One of the biggest misconceptions about dabbing concentrate is that it’s the most harmful method to the lungs to consume cannabis. The reality, though, is that when a concentrate is properly and responsibly manufactured, they are clean of harmful chemicals – which means that “immune-compromised patients inhale a product that may be healthier and better for the lungs than that of traditional flower,” according to HelloMd.

Cannabis has been found by many studies to show anti-tumor properties, as well as help with nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy. Further, the ability of cannabis to help cancer patients in times of emotional hardship is also notable. Between all of the stressful procedures and ongoing treatments, maintaining peace of mind often gets pushed to the sidelines – and dabbing concentrates is an excellent way of achieving an almost-immediate sense of relief. 


MiniNail for Medical Patients

We wanted to offer an enail that will provide patients straightforward relief without causing unnecessary health risks that come from dated dabbing tools, or additional frustration at built-up tolerances that have trouble responding to other cannabis products. One of our fundamental goals when creating the MiniNail was to promote accessible, easy-to-use relief for patients who have enough to think about in their day-to-day lives and have turned to the cannabis community to ease their pain.