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MiniNail x Purr Glass Collab

MiniNail is committed to giving our customers euphoric dabbing experiences. Those experiences rely on the incredible and innovative eNail sets and the amazing accessories we offer. It's what makes us the best eNail available. 

The missing piece though is glassware that balances a sleek design with a sturdy build and smooth functioning. Glassware that matches our eNail accessories’ high quality and impressive innovation.  

With MiniNail’s renowned eNail sets and Purr's incredible glassware, the dabbing experiences we foster together are guaranteed to blow you away. 

What is Purr Glass? 

Purr Glass emphasizes quality, great function, and aesthetic sensibility in every product they hand-produce. The company creates exceptional glass bongs, bubblers, bowls, ground joints, and other smoking accessories. 

Since being founded in 2003 by Chad Zindroski, who was unsatisfied with glassware available at the time, the company has continued to innovate and improve on its products. 

By using clear tubing, streamlined scientific design, and perforated downstems for increased diffusion, the company has revolutionized pipe design and function. They also have originated designs like the upright sherlock, double chamber, and the “pocket” piece which have become industry standard. 

Pragmatism and wholistic vision continue to guide Purr Glass’s mission to provide customers with hand-crafted, high-quality products at an affordable price. The company continues to strive to outperform itself, delivering products with long-term value to customers.

What is the MiniNail x Purr Glass Collab? 

Blue MiniNail eNail Kit

MiniNail and Purr Glass align in that both companies are committed to providing their customers with unique, top-notch products.

As industry leaders committed to innovation and quality, it was inevitable that our two companies would collaborate. The MiniNail x Purr Glass Collab is the result of our companies working together, pooling our creative power and resources to bring customers some of the sleekest and strongest glassware available for dabbing with an enail. 

We are so proud of the unbelievable dope products that we produced together. It makes for the best desktop vaporizer any dabber could ask for.

Check them out below:

MiniNail X Purr Glass Collab Products 

MiniNail x Purr Glass Complete Enail Set with Swiss Honeycomb Rig

This MiniNail x Purr Glass collaborative set is one of our most popular Enail bundles. It’s designed from the ground up to be the quintessential desktop vaporizer and a true daily driver. 

It comes with everything you need to get started, including a: 

  • MiniNail x Purr Glass Swiss Honeycomb Tube Rig
  • Micro Controller Box
  • Universal Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Nail
  • Hybrid Heater Coil
  • Dabber / Carb Cap
  • 6 Foot Power Cord
  • Small Slab Pad
  • Large Slab Pad
  • Dabheads MoodMat

The Swiss Honeycomb rig included with the set is made of strong, thick German Schott glass that delivers a smooth, clean dab. This set is perfect for beginners who want an affordable, high-quality dab set that includes everything they need, or daily dabbers who want to completely upgrade their set. 

Swiss Honeycomb Enail Rig 

For smooth dabs that benefit from superior function, check out MiniNail’s Swiss Honeycomb Enail Rigs that we collaborated with Purr Glass to produce. Each rig is made with thick wall Schott glass, has a sturdy base, a reinforced stemless design, and a handcrafted honeycomb drum perc with 16-20 points of diffusion. 

You can purchase our incredible Swiss Honeycomb Enail Rig in multiple different striking colors, including: 

These stylish and sturdy enail rigs will absolutely enhance your dabbing experience! 

Glass Cyclone Cap 

If you’re a daily dabber, these glass cyclone carb caps are a must-have. They improve flavor and function and are extremely easy to use. How to dab: Simply place the dome-shaped carb cap on top of your quartz dish or titanium dish to create a swirling vortex that will spin the concentrate, maximizing its effect. 

For best results, pair MiniNails Glass Cyclone Carb Cap with MiniNail Quartz Terp Spheres. 

These carb caps are handmade Purr Glass, so they have a sturdy construction of high-quality German Schott glass. The clear glass allows an even bigger window to see the function while you dab. 


Glass Shovel Dabber 

While having a quality shovel dabber may be on the backburner for you when it comes to purchasing an enail set, you should really prioritize it. While they are a small piece of your dab process, having a good dabber can make a big difference. 

MiniNail Glass Shovel Dabbers allow you to easily scoop concentrate, enabling your dab process to be all the more hassle-free. These dabbers / dab shovels are made with durable, long-lasting German Schott glass. They also look great when taking photos of your concentrates.

So if you are looking for high quality glass to compliment your MiniNail eNail setup, look no further than our custom glass collaborations with Purr. Designed specifically for use with the MiniNail enail (electric nail).