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How to Clean a Quartz Banger: A Step-by-Step Guide

Keep your Quartz Banger Clean.

You probably already know that cleaning and maintaining your dab rig is an important and essential part of dabbing properly. However, you may not know that also maintaining the cleanliness of your quartz banger or quartz dish is equally as important. 

If you have never cleaned a quartz banger before or are new to dabbing altogether, then this is a great resource for you.  


Why does cleaning my Quartz Banger matter?

A clean Quartz Banger can produce better vapor and flavor.

As you begin to take more and more dabs, carbon will eventually build up inside the quartz dish causing temperature irregularities and bitter taste profiles. To prevent this we recommend keeping the quartz dish clean as the day you first received it. 


How To Clean and Maintain your Quartz Banger

If you are able to mop up the concentrate remains after each dab you will be successful in keeping your quartz banger clean and preventing carbon buildup.

Here is how:

Supplies Needed: 

  • Distilled Water or Iso-Alcohol
  • Q-tip or Cotton Swabs

Step 1: Take a Dab

It is a good idea to have the necessary items in arms reach so you can quickly apply after the dab. 

Step 2: Apply Wet Q-Tip to Dish.

Immediately after taking a dab and while the quartz banger is still hot, apply a Q-Tip or Cotton Swab that has been dipped in distilled water to the inside of the quartz dish. It will make a sizzle sound as you do this but you will notice the oils will be easily mopped up by the wet cotton swab

Note: You can use Isopropyl Alcohol while doing this but we have found that Distilled water works just as well and is a healthier alternative to denatured alcohol.

Step 3: Apply Dry Side of Q-Tip

Apply the dry side of the Q-Tip to the inside of the quartz dish to make sure any remnants are cleaned up. 

That is it! It’s that easy.

Other Alternatives to Clean your Banger:

Did your friends come over and make your banger dirty? Banger already crusty with carbon residue? No problem! There are a few ways to clean the carbon off once it has already caked in.

Soak Method:

  • Remove your heater coil from the quartz banger
  • Place Quartz Banger in a glass of warm isopropyl alcohol (preferably 95% or higher)
  • Let Quartz Banger soak for a few hours
  • Remove from Iso and rinse clean with warm water

MiniNail Clean Mode / High Heat Cleaning: 

  • Set the MiniNail into clean mode by turning the temperature up to 1000 Degrees for 5-10 minutes. This will burn off any carbon buildup that would otherwise be difficult to remove. 
  • Lower temperature back down to your normal use setting.
  • Apply wet cotton swab (dipped in distilled water) to make sure any ash or carbon is removed from dish. 
  • *Please note this method can cause devitrification of the quartz (chazzing) over time due to the extreme high heat fluctuation. 

Check out our YouTube channel for cleaning tips and more info

Remember: You will always have a better dabbing experience with a clean rig, clean quartz, and clean concentrates.