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Keeping Busy in Quarantine with MiniNail

Keeping Busy in Quarantine with MiniNail

It is hard to believe that over 100 days of quarantine have gone by. You’ve baked bread. You’ve Facetimed friends. You’ve watched every series on Netflix. You’ve dabbed more times than you can count. So what do you do now? 

With quarantine and social distancing as our new temporary reality, we have had to reshape how we live our lives. One thing quarantine has provided us with is time to do some thinking about practical and creative ways we can keep ourselves busy during this unusual time. 

Zoom Happy Hours/Wine Tastings

Who says you can’t still have happy hours even if you are not at the office? Get your happy hour crew together for drinks over Zoom to unwind after a long day of working from home. Scheduling these weekly will give your team something to look forward to during the busy work week. 

If you would rather wait until Friday for your glass of wine, get a group of friends together for a Zoom wine tasting. Decide on a few bottles for everyone in the group to purchase and do some research on each of the wines. You will all be sommeliers in no time! And, of course – this isn’t limited to just wine. Get your squad together over the newest sauce dropped at your favorite dispensaries and see which one is the crowd favorite. 


Take a few dabs and channel your creative energy into some productive reflection. What has your experience been like during quarantine? What emotions are you feeling? What do you want to do most when quarantine is over? Years from now, you will be happy to have these journal entries to look back on. 


There is nothing more rewarding than struggling through a puzzle. Support your community by purchasing from your local bookstore if they are doing pick up or deliveries.

DIY Projects 

All of my DIY creatives, this one is for you. With extra time on your hands, you can revamp your wardrobe by tie-dying old tees, embroidering patterns on sweatshirts, and painting designs on jeans. 

Ever lose an earring or have broken jewelry? Take your “trash jewelry,” and repurpose it into new, unique, pieces with some basic tools and accessories, such as jewelry pliers and wire cutters. 

After spending weeks in your home, you might be finding that your space no longer has the same exciting appeal that it had prior to quarantine. DIY projects like floral crafting and candle making can brighten your spaces and make them cozier, providing you with something new to look at. 

If you have a bunch of old magazines, photographs, concert tickets, and miscellaneous mementos that you’ve collected hanging around, create a collage or scrapbook with your cannabis creativity. 

Socially distant trips to the park 

If you live in a city or town where parks are open, socially distant picnics are a great way to get some rays of sun and fresh air. Bring a blanket, your favorite book, and grab takeout from a local restaurant. Something as simple as getting out of the house to sit in the park can significantly improve your day. You can do yoga or mediation to calm your senses and find your center, or go for a run or walk to get exercise. 


If you have ever wanted to grow your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs there has never been a better time to learn how to garden. Not only is gardening therapeutic and calming, but you will feel a sense of gratification observing your garden’s growth over time. An added bonus is that the fresh flowers in your garden will brighten your outdoor space, providing a serene escape from the confines of your home. 


This is the time to refresh and reorganize. Purge those clothes you haven’t worn in years and declutter your closet, pantry, and drawers. Rearrange your space in a way that will provide you with a fresh perspective and radiate positive energy. You will be thankful you have conquered the chaos of your clutter. 

Learn a New Skill/Take an Online Course

If you have ever wanted to learn a new skill, such as playing an instrument, knitting, or cooking, now is the time. You can even try a free month of LinkedIn Learning to take courses on a variety of topics. 

Make a “Quarantunes” Playlist

Vamp up your playlists with new music, creative album covers, and captions. You can share the music you are currently vibing to with your friends by making them playlists. Not only does everyone love discovering new music, but this will go a long will in helping to stay connected to friends.