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How to Host an Online Summer Dab Sesh

How to Host an Online Summer Dab Sesh

Truth is, we’ve all found ourselves dealing with the  “new normal” since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Let’s be real: one of the things that’s been especially challenging has been figuring out how to stay in touch with our friends without actually touching. Social distancing is crucial to avoid COVID transmission, of course, but being isolated with our roommates or, better yet, in our childhood bedrooms,  can take a toll on our mental health – so being able to connect with others is still crucial. 

Just because we can’t meet face-to-face with our friends doesn’t mean we have to give up our favorite summer pastimes. There are still dab sessions to be had – we’ve just got to get a little bit more creative.  Spending time with  friends  doesn’t have to be limited to just a typical  ‘phone call to catch up’ (which, let’s be honest, nobody actually asked for.) There are tons of ways you can spice up your social interaction: all you need is the internet, all your best buds, and your favorite MiniNail kit. 

Navigating your Online Summer Dab Sesh 

First off, make sure all of your friends agree on a designated time to check-in. Many of us have much more time on our hands since being urged to stay home, so this doesn’t always have to fall on a Friday after work. Make a group chat, via text or e-mail, and work out a time where everyone will be available. 

Got some flaky friends? Have no fear. Set some spicy incentives to join like a communal dab fund for all the virtual party game-winners (more on this later). 

It’s 2020 after all, so your friends should have a pretty good idea of how the internet works by now, but it can still be hard to figure out the best way to round them all up for a virtual hangout. Here’s a roundup of a few popular hangout-hosting services that you can use for free. 

Each site can allow users to both see and hear each in real-time. They’ll work similarly to a conference call, minus all the boring workplace dialogue – no matter how far away or apart your squad lives Keep in mind that a free Zoom sesh will boot you off after 40 minutes, though, so you might have to re-dial to keep the party going.

How to Prepare Yourself 

Your summertime sesh should be a hangout, not a mental workout.  Here’s how you can prep for a smooth, headache-free dab summer sesh:: 

  • Of course, you’ll be needing your MiniNail as well as any other MiniNail glassware and accessories you may have.
  • Make sure to keep your setup clean, avoiding any contact with viruses, bacteria, and germs. 
  • Order your favorite concentrates in advance so they’ll be ready by the time of your hang. Try and avoid leaving your house unless necessary; explore cannabis delivery services near you. 
  • Prep for munchies: stock up on any snacks you may crave during your sesh. You can coordinate with your friends, or stick with your personal faves. 
  • Pick a comfy spot with adequate lighting so your friends can see you on their screen properly. 
  • Check your internet is working before you begin. Nothing kills the mood like your call dropping mid-sesh. 

What to do During the Sesh  

Get bored easily? Your sesh would probably be fun with just the company of some friends, and your MiniNail, but what could you do to amp it up a little bit? 

There are a plethora of fun (socially distanced) party games you could play during your virtual sesh, including: 

  • Pictionary: All you need is a word generator, drawing utensil, and a piece of paper. Pair up or number yourselves off into teams, use the word generator to assign your team something to draw, and everyone is given one minute to guess the word. 
  • Charades: To figure out what to act out, use this generator, then act out whatever was generated to your friends. They are all given one minute to guess what is being acted out. 
  • Jeopardy: Go online to either find a pre-existing jeopardy game or create your own.  Screen share with your friends, choose teams or go solo, and play!
  • I’m thinking of: This car-ride game can be just as fun to play with your friends online as it is in person. The rules are simple. One person starts by saying “I’m thinking of” followed by a person, place, or thing, and everyone gets to ask one question per round until someone guesses it. 
  • Would you rather: This classic game can be especially fun while high. Most of us know how to play, but it’s simple enough to explain. Each person goes around and picks two scenarios. For example: “Would you rather have a nose where your toes should be or would you rather have toes where your nose should be?” If you need some ideas, there are plenty of lists online with pre-generated questions. 

Linking up with friends, even during a pandemic, doesn’t have to be as complicated as it may seem. While internet hangouts may be a regular occurrence for the next few months, making the most of them is what is important here. Summer is here, so grab your laptop, some friends, and your MiniNail for a socially responsible dab sesh that will be sure to entertain.