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Claim Your Reclaim: What Is Leftover (Reclaim) Oil + What To Do With It

Claim Your Reclaim: What Is Leftover Dab (Reclaim) Oil + What To Do With It

As our world advances and finds new ways to use tech to improve the way we shop, travel, and connect with others, the way we consume cannabis is changing, too. While some are flower die-hards, many of us have switched to using dabs and vapes to upgrade our setups and score the best high.

But no matter what you’re smoking or dabbing, one thing remains the same: that gooey leftover material that sticks to our bowls, bongs, and dab rigs. But not all residue is the same. When it comes to dabbing, that substance is called Reclaim Oil, and there’s actually a way to use it, so you get the most out of your rig. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through what reclaim is, how you can remove it from your rig, and break down just how you can re-use it (or lose it).


What is reclaim oil?

Reclaim oil from dabbing is the leftover or residual substance that collects and sticks to the sides of your glass dab rig in the drop down. Typically a gold or yellowish color, as it builds up, the reclaim oil will sometimes separate from the glass walls and float in the water in your rig in little balls.

According to MCR Labs, reclaim oil still contains active cannabinoids that can still be processed by the body. In fact, reclaim contains all five main cannabinoids plus high levels of cannabinol (CBD), making it a potent, relaxing high when used properly.


Keep your glass rigs clean!

Clean Water = Better Function. Dirty rigs filled with reclaim will not function properly when compared to a clean rig with fresh water. As you let reclaim build up in your rig, it will begin to have a snowball effect and gather more reclaim after every use. This will result in diminished flavor, diminished function of the rig (making it harder to take a pull through), and an overall less effective experience as more of your vapor will be captured in the reclaim. For the best experience, keep your rig clean! If you clean you rig at least once a week, it is pretty easy to clean by just using boiling hot water and pouring it out. For longer durations without cleaning it may be necessary to use ISO alcohol or a cleaner.

Use a Glass Drop Down


A Glass Drop Down is a great way to prevent reclaim oil from entering into the rig. It will keep your water cleaner so you can achieve optimal function of your rig.

Can you smoke it?

Yes, you can smoke reclaim oil. The reclaim will naturally separate from the water, so all you have to do is remove it. Keep in mind, the better the quality of your original dab and rig, the better your reclaim will be. MiniNail offers premium glassware, customized for the E-nail experience. By collaborating with different glassware companies, MiniNail offers a variety of premium dab experiences, like these rigs that optimize water flow. Better product ensures a better dab and better reclaim should you choose to reuse it.


How to remove reclaim oil from your rig

There are a few different methods for removing reclaim oil from your rig, depending on how much has built up, you can choose the best option for your reclaim. As a general note, reclaim gathers in the dropdown or inside your rig. MiniNail’s glass dropdown is a perfect addition to your rig setup as it will collect the reclaim before it gets into your rig. It will also offer an easy cleanup process. 

  1. The simplest way to gather your reclaim oil is by pouring out the water and collecting the clumps. If there’s a small amount of reclaim, this is an easy way to clean it out, but certainly not the most effective.
  2. For larger buildup, use boiling hot water to loosen and pour out to collect the reclaim oil. Make sure you slowly pour out the excess water as to not lose the reclaim. Once it’s completely dry, hold the rig or dropdown (where the reclaim is collected) over a non-stick pad or parchment paper. Apply a heat source like a hair dryer and let the reclaim fall onto the paper. If you choose this method, be sure to not get the reclaim oil too hot or the cannabinoids will activate.
  3. For extremely thick reclaim, you can also use a non-toxic cleaner or grain alcohol to break down the oils and then let it evaporate. We do not recommend this method for re-using as it could leave unwanted substances in your reclaim. This method is best when you just want to throw your reclaim away and have fresh clean glass. 

How to use your reclaim

When it comes to reclaim, you can do one of three things: either dab it, eat it, or throw it away. There is no right answer and it’s completely up to your discretion which method you choose. If you choose to use your reclaim as dab, know it won’t be quite as tasty as the first time or as effective, as it’s leftover material. 

If you choose to eat it, be warned that it won’t taste very good but can be quite strong in its effect. We recommend infusing it with butter or coconut oil and cooking something with it. Be sure to check out our blog on infused cannabis foods for some great ideas.

Finally, you can choose to toss the reclaim and stick with the fresh stuff. No shame in that game, because sometimes when you get high, you also want high quality.