MiniNail™ Titanium 20mm Nail

$ 49.00

Brand MiniNail™

MiniNail™ 20mm Domeless Universal Nail. Made for use with 20mm heater coils for enails. Made from high quality, lab certified Grade 2 Titanium.  Purpose built specifically for the MiniNail™ to provide the best heat transfer from the coil to the nail. Custom designed removable down-stem helps keep glass joints and connections cleaner, for longer; and is also removeable for cleaning. Built in mind for the daily dabber and all day everyday use.


  • Fits 10mm-18mm Male & Female glass joint sizes.  
  • Comes with four (5) pieces; Bowl, Heat Guard, Male Adapter, Removable Down Stem and Female Adapter.
  • Highest Quality Medical Grade 2 Titanium (Lab Certified)
  • Can handle up to 3 grams of Concentrate!