$ 74.99

MiniNail Titanium Universal Nail

Made from high quality, lab certifiedĀ Grade 2 Titanium. Ā Purpose built specifically for theĀ MiniNail eNail to provide the best heat transfer from the heater coil to the nail. Built for all day everyday use.


  • Fits 10mm-18mm Male & 14-18mm Female glass joint sizes. Ā 
  • All parts are interchangeable and replaceable
  • Ability to work with other heater coils with adapter add-ons
  • Highest Quality Medical Grade 2 TitaniumĀ (Lab Certified)
  • Can be used with ALL MiniNailā„¢ļø Quartz Dish Tops


  • (1x) Titanium Dish Top
  • (1x) Titanium Screw
  • (1x) Titanium Heat Spacer
  • (1x) Titanium Male Adapter (Fits 10mm-18mm Joint Sizes)
  • (1x) Titanium Female Adapter ( Fits 14mm-18mm Joint Sizes)
  • Instruction ManualĀ