The Dankest Dab Rig: Why the MiniNail is the Best Enail

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed OG dab-head or a modern connoisseur of all the latest cannabis vaping tech – when it comes to dabbing, you don’t mess around with subpar devices. And hey, we hear you loud and clear: because neither do we. 

When it comes to crafting the perfect dab, we know how important it is to get to that unique temperature consistency – scorched sauce and empty hits be gone! That’s why when designing the MiniNail, we created an electronic nail kit that lets you do just that: guarantee quality and consistency with every hit.

In this post, we’ll dive into why our customers say the MiniNail the best dabbing device in the biz.

Old Dogs, New Tricks

If you’re an OG dabber, you know the industry is growing fast – but maybe keeping up with all the new tech has never really seemed like a priority for you. Your methods are tried, tested, and true, and you own that blowtorch like a boss. 

The thing is, what traditional dab rigs won’t get you is consistency: they’re often fragile, annoying to clean and offer virtually no way of controlling the temperature of your flame. On top of that, not only does using a torch to heat your rig risk burning your concentrate and wasting product, but it also exposes you to burns and some gnarly butane side-effects. 

With a MiniNail, you skip the butane, and you no longer need to worry about tricky set-up that takes forever to get right: once you’ve put it together, it really is just set it and forget it. So whether you’re sparking up to relax at the end of the day or passing around some juicy rosin, you’re able to focus on what matters: getting the most of that sweet, sweet sauce. 

Enails Bring The Heat

We’ve mentioned temperature control – so let’s talk about why it’s so important. It’s no secret that a flaming hot dab will work quickly and intensely, so it’s a common method for those looking for immediate pain relief. 

However, with hot temperatures comes the bad stuff: coughing fits, throat soreness, and even post-sesh headaches. 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your concentrate, lower-temperature dabbing will actually take you further: you’ll salvage a lot more of the terpenes, making for better flavor and an all-around smoother and comfortable experience. 

Whichever you prefer – the MiniNail provides a controllable, precise temperature range that spans from room temperature up to 1200°F. Plus, the display on the output is calibrated directly with the bowl surface for accurate and consistent readings.

A Dab Rig as Unique As You Are

All MiniNail kits are fully customizable – choose between different colors, materials, and fits to put together your perfect enail kit. All kits include:

  • Universal Titanium Nail that fits 14/18mm female and 10/14/18mm male pieces.  
  • Universal nail designed to fit perfectly onto the MiniNail heater coil.
  • A MiniNail Heater Coil that fits many other popular name brand Ti nails, quartz bangers, and ceramic nails.
  • Carb cap and dabber designed specifically for the nail.

Plus, all included accessories are Grade 2 Titanium certified by a third party to ensure the best quality and highest degree of safety available. 

Designed For The Daily Dabbers

If you dab throughout the day, your priority is to get dabbing, and quickly. Like a loyal friend, the enail is there for you: once assembled, it can run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – all you have to adjust is the temperature, which is done with a tap of a button and is ready in under 3 minutes. 

The MiniNail device is designed and built specifically for concentrate enthusiasts wherever, whenever: it’s compact (a MiniNail will fit in the palm of your hand,) lightweight, and features a durable extruded aluminum case. 

Plus, it features extremely low power usage so while your MiniNail is plugged in, you don’t need to worry about crazy wattage. In fact, since it runs on only 1 amp/89 Watts, you can easily plug it into a car adapter. 

With MiniNail, you don’t have to worry about coils burning out after a few uses, or never working in the first place! 

You’ve Got a Friend In Us

Finally, here at MiniNail, we take your dab-satisfaction seriously: the quality of your experience is our top priority. So, when you’re purchasing a MiniNail, you don’t just get an excellent product that’s 3rd party lab tested and comes with a 2-year warranty – you get an experienced team that’s coming along for the ride. Our in-house engineers and experts are here to help you via direct phone line Monday-Friday, throughout the entirety of the workday.

Still not sure if you’re ready to make the leap? Check out what our customers have to say for yourself.