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How to Maintain Your Quartz Banger

How to Maintain Your Quartz Banger

Get the most out of your MiniNail Quartz Banger by learning how to properly maintain and clean your glassware. In addition to elongating the shelf life of your quartz banger, keeping it clean will help improve the taste of every dab—not to mention it’ll be a whole lot nicer to look at when it’s not discolored. We recommend buying quality quartz, maintaining your banger after every dab, and giving it a deep clean every now and again to ensure it stays in the best shape possible. To help you out, we put together our most helpful tricks and tips for maintaining and cleaning your banger.

Buy quality quartz

It should come as no surprise that just like everything else, you want to invest in good quality quartz that will last. Low cost and low-quality bangers will not only discolor faster, but they’ll be more prone to break due to lower resistance to temperature changes. Investing in a high-quality banger, like MiniNail’s 25MM Quartz Ebanger, means you’ll get glassware that’s sturdier and—if maintained properly—will last you years instead of a few short months.

Maintaining your quartz banger

When it comes to making your quartz banger last, there are two main ways you can reduce the wear on your glassware. Dabbing at ideal temperatures, timing your dabs, and cleaning after every dab is essential to the long-term maintenance of your banger.

  1. Dab at a low temperature. The best thing you can do for your quartz banger is to make sure that you don’t overheat it. The best temperature to heat your rig to is between 300-400°F. Not only will this temperature allow for the best flavor profile of terpenes, but it will help to reduce wear. Overheating your banger until it’s scorching red every time will cause the glassware to erode faster by baking the leftover residue into the quartz. MiniNail Controller Boxes make achieving the perfect temperature extremely easy because you can control it down to the last degree. 

  1. Clean as you go. It might seem like a pain, but for the best maintenance of your quartz banger, be sure to clean it after every dab. Every time you dab, decarboxylated oil and other residue is left on the banger that you should try and remove before it hardens. You can easily do this with cotton swabs, dipped in either distilled water or ISO alcohol. Apply to dish to mop up all remaining concentrates and keep your quartz clean as new. This is the best method we have found to preserve the freshness of your quartz banger.

How to clean

Even if you’re meticulously maintaining your quartz banger, you’ll still want to give it a deep clean every now and again for best care, the longevity of use, and of course, best dabbing taste and experience. When cleaning, make sure you never use acid-based cleaning products or bleach, and avoid using coarse materials to wipe it down. Stick with isopropyl alcohol (ISO) or distilled water and cotton swabs.

If your quartz banger requires a deep clean, you can soak it in hot water or ISO to help break down residue and debris. After soaking, use your dabber to scrape off any remaining residue. If there’s still remaining gunk, heat your banger to 900°F to help loosen the material and turn it to ash. Once it cools, wipe it down with alcohol or distilled water. This method however can cause devitrification (quartz cloudiness) over time which is not much of an issue with an E-Nail as the quartz will still hold the temperatures given. 

If you take care of your quartz, it will last you years and consistently provide a smooth high. Buying a quality quartz banger is only the first step. Make sure to dab at ideal temps, swab away the residue in between hits, and clean it frequently for the best results.