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How to Connect Your MiniNail to Amazon Alexa or Google Smart Home Devices

How to Connect Your MiniNail to Your Smart Home Device.


Life’s hard. Dabbing shouldn’t be. That’s why we figured out a way to optimize your dabbing experience by connecting your MiniNail devices to your smart homes (think: Alexa, Google Home, etc) so you can use an app or voice commands to make the process as seamless as possible. Thanks to smart plug technology, you can connect pretty much anything with a plug to your smart homes and set recurring timers, unique voice commands, and control your devices no matter where you are—and that includes your MiniNail Kits.

Work smarter, not harder—so the saying goes. So we put together this helpful guide so you can connect your kit and dab like a pro.

What You Need to Get Started

1. A MiniNail Kit


2. A smart home device, like Alexa or Google Home 

3. A compatible smart plug to allow you to use voice commands to control your MiniNail Controller Box

4. A smartphone so you can set up the connection



    How To Set Up Your Smart Home Device

    Once you have everything you need, it’s a relatively simple process to pair your MiniNail with your smart home so you can begin using voice commands to control your MiniNail at home.

    1. Plug in your Alexa or Google Home and connect it to your WiFi.
    2. Download the corresponding app to your phone so you can easily manage devices and commands.
    3. Use the compatible smart plug to power your MiniNail. The smart plug will allow you to connect your device to your smart home and easily execute voice commands or use an app to control your MiniNail products.
    4. Using the corresponding app or voice commands, ask your smart home to discover new devices. When it pairs with your smart plug, be sure to name the new connection something you’ll easily remember. We recommend just sticking with MiniNail but feel free to get creative.
    5. Depending on your smart home device, you may need to take additional steps outlined in the app. Follow the instructions until you see the smart plug is “set up and ready” in your app. 
    6. Once connected, you can set up your commands.

    How to Best Utilize the Smart Home Connection

    After pairing your smart plug connected MiniNail with your smart home, you can begin setting up a wide variety of commands and timers to help enhance your daily dab. Here are some that we recommend trying out.

    1. If you’re someone who loves routine and finds yourself dabbing at the same time every day, you can set your MiniNail to power on and off on a schedule. In the app, you can set it to power on at 5pm during the weekdays, and 8pm on weekends, or whatever best fits your calendar.
    2. Utilize simple voice commands like “Turn on MiniNail for 15 minutes” or “Turn off MiniNail at 11pm” to make sure you never accidentally leave your MiniNail on and heated when it’s not in use.
    3. Want your MiniNail to heat up when you sit next to it? Enable proximity detection for the device so it can sense when you’re nearby and turn your MiniNail on and off based on your location.

    Though it might seem counterintuitive, using smart tech to level up your dabs is incredibly easy and can enhance your experience by simplifying the process. Whether you’re setting a daily routine or just removing the anxiety of remembering whether or not you powered off your MiniNail device, curating your cannabis routine is one of the best ways to improve it.