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How to Choose the Best Dab Tool

As a canna-connoisseur, you’ll be the first to know that the way you consume cannabis matters. Maybe for you, it depends on the occasion: perhaps you like to start your day off with flower, save an edible for midday, and leave the dabs for the evening wind-down. Whichever it is, if you’re dabbing often – you’ll likely already know that concentrates, just like other forms of cannabis, can come in all shapes and sizes. From gooey sauce to sticky shatter, the way you consume concentrate matters!

Knowing the differences between concentrate types is a great first step, but making yourself familiar with which dab tool works best with each type is just as important. This is why we’re breaking it down for you in this blog: read on to figure out which dab tools and accessories work best for your #dabstyle.

The dab tool, while often overlooked, is an important little piece that can make or break your dabbing experience. Put simply, it serves as the middleman between rig and extract. Dab tools come in different sizes, shapes, and materials that are chosen based on the consistency of your concentrate: think of it as you’d use a spoon for your soup instead of a fork.

There are a variety of different types of dab tools out there for you to choose from, but the two most common ones are scoop-style dabbers and dabbers with sword-like blades. Your perfect tool will depend on the consistency of the concentrates you usually prefer to use with your enail, so in the section below, we’ll break down all the different kinds of tips types out there.

The Right Dab Tool for You

Since quality, terpene-rich concentrates are always an investment, using the right tool will make sure that you’re not losing any of your precious cargo!

If you’re usually a fan of sharp shatter, we recommend using a sword or blade dabber to easily cut through your dabs and measure out more precise amounts when separating. Leafly writes that when dabbing, “Shatters are notoriously pesky consistencies to dab on account of their brittle nature. Being able to control a clean break with a precise tool is paramount.” The more precise you can get – the better.

This is why, when you’re breaking apart shatter, a popular tool amongst our fellow dab-heads is the Ninja Sword Dabber. This features a sharp edge that when warmed up, allows you to cut perfect amounts of shatter out; even into neat little squares. To heat up simply put the Ninja Sword Dabber against the MiniNail heater coil for a few seconds allowing it to warm up. This is super convenient for when you're working with a less delicate, more condensed shatter -but won't go too far for other varieties.
If sauce is more your jam (see what we did there), we recommend using a scoop-style dab tool that lets you shovel your sauce into the dish and avoid any messy residue or wasted product when you’re using sap or distillate. Scoopers are also super convenient if you’re using more dry concentrates such as:

  • Crumble, sugar, or diamonds
  • Live resin oils
  • CO2 distillates

Scoopers or spoon-shaped tools will have a bigger surface, and overall a “broader surface area that works better with hard-to-handle waxes than pointy tools.”

Jack of all dabs? Not to worry, MiniNail has got you fully covered. Our unique MiniNail™ Tower Tip Pack features five different and interchangeable tip types that you can easily screw onto your multi-tip or Space Dabber tool. The Tower Tip Pack includes:
  • Ninja Tip
  • Ball Tip
  • Shovel Tip
  • Bent Flat Tip
  • Extended Flat Tip

    Optimizing Your Dab Tools

    If you find that you’re an avid dabber and use your e-nail kit often, consider getting a tool that gives you the best of both worlds by combining the tool with the carb cap. Not only is it a built-in heat protector for your peace of mind, but is a convenient way of keeping your equipment together so nothing gets left behind. Pairing up your favorite dab tool with a heater coil guard or stand can help you make double sure that you avoid any accidental contact with the high temperatures!

    One of our fellow 710 community members on Leafly writes:

    “The tool and carb cap combo is my go-to anytime I’m dabbing on my electronic nail. It consolidates my accessories and makes sure my carb cap is never out of reach. The carb cap fits perfectly over the dish of my e-nail and the subtle scoop on the end allows me to collect hash whether it’s sticky or stable.”

    As a general rule of thumb, when you’re shopping for a dab tool you’ll either be using one that’s made out of glass, stainless steel, or titanium. As a safety precaution when comparing titanium dabbers, always double-check that it’s made out of lab-certified Grade 2 Titanium. With MiniNail, you can be sure that all of our titanium products are always checked and tested for the ultimate safety standards.

    For more MiniNail accessories, check out our enail kit accessories and add ons. Happy dabbing!