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Titanium Flower Bowl

The Titanium Flower Bowl is a unique, universal bowl designed for use with the MiniNail Flower Wand. Get amazing vaporization from this durable bowl that helps heat up flower very quickly and evenly.

This Titanium Bowl is an injector style design in that the wand's engine fits inside the bowl. This allows for a more effective convection vaping experience.

Made from high quality Grade 2 Titanium. Includes removable Titanium Screen for easy cleaning. Fits all common glass joint sizes: 10mm Male, 14-18mm Male and Female. 

Can fit up to a half gram of ground flower inside the bowl.

Flower Bowl Package Includes: 

  • Titanium Bowl
  • Pull Handle
  • Removable Titanium Screen
  • Male Adapter
  • Female Adapter


Click Here for Flower Wand Instructions

Designed for the MiniNail Flower Wand Dry Herb Vaporizer