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Space Dabber & Carb Cap

Our MiniNail Space Dabber is one of our most popular dabbers known for its unique features, weight, and design. Has removable tip and can be used with other tips that we carry separately. Now features our cyclone carb cap that creates a vortex and spins the concentrate. When used with our Quartz Terp Spheres it will make them spin causing better flavor and function.
  • Space Titanium Dabber / Carb Cap
  • Features a Flat Tip Dabber that is interchangeable
  • No more Sticky Fingers! Top protects dripping down onto stem
  • Made of lab certified Grade 2 Titanium 
  • 4 piece removable configuration for easy cleaning!
  • Great weight and feel

*Designed for use with 25mm Hybrid Nail or 25mm Quartz Banger