$ 14.99

MiniNail Ruby Terpene Enhancement Spheres (Terp Pearls)

The Small Ruby Spheres are designed for our Quartz Hybrid Nail. However, they will also work in any Quartz Banger Style. The spheres allow for kinetic energy to help disperse the concentrate for better function and flavor.

Simple to use and operate:

When used with the MiniNail Titanium Carb Cap or Glass Cyclone Cap, the spheres will spin in a circular motion around the quartz bucket allowing for better function especially at low temperatures. 

When used with MiniNail Glass Bubble Caps, the spheres will move around the quartz dish in any direction the bubble cap is pointed. Works great to dissipate the concentrate in the dish for better function.

You can leave the Ruby Terp Spheres inside the Quartz bucket or dish and you do not need to remove. Can be cleaned while inside the quartz (wet cotton swab dipped in water) or taken out for soaking in iso alcohol.


  • (3x) Small Ruby Spheres¬†(4mm)
  • Made of High Quality Lab Grown Ruby