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Ninja Sword Dabber

MiniNail Titanium Ninja Dabber Sword & Carb Cap. Now features our new cyclone carb cap design that makes a vortex inside the dish. When used with our Quartz Terp Spheres, the whirlwind that is created will cause your concentrates and any spheres inside the dish to spin.

  • Featuring a slightly curved flattened edge for easy use.  
  • Sharp edge makes slicing through dabs easy.
  • Anodized black handle.
  • Will work for all of our Hybrid Nails, Ti Nails, and Quartz Ebanger
  • Carb Cap/Dabber removable for easy cleaning 
  • Made of lab certified Grade 2 Titanium

*Designed for use with 25mm Hybrid Nail or 25mm Quartz Banger