MiniNail™ x Slugworth Glass Top Hat

$ 260.00

Brand The MiniNail ™

MiniNail™ x Slugworth Glass Top Hat Rigs are great for Enails! Slugworth is known for his amazing attention to detail & well made, highly functional glass rigs. Made with thick boro glass and a very sturdy design. Each one contains encalmos (rings of color) and each side is lip wrapped with a thin line of raven black. All also contain a custom MiniNail™ Dichro Millie. 


  • Thick Boro Glass w/Sturdy Base for Enails
  • Approx Width: 5"
  • Approx Height: 8"
  • 14mm Female Ground Joint/ Banger Hanger
  • Fixed Downstem
  • Slitted Perc
  • MiniNail™ Dichro Millie
  • Made in Colorado!