MiniNail™️ Glass Carb Cap

MiniNail™️ Glass Carb Cap

$ 35.00

Brand The MiniNail ™

MiniNail Glass Carp Cap for the MiniNail Micro Enail

Carb caps improve vaporization & are a must have accessory for your MiniNail™️. Just place this dome shaped carb cap on top of your nail head to increase vaporization & maximize product. Easily turn the ball handle while inhaling to direct airflow & create even vaporization.

The clear glass allows an even bigger window to see the function while you vaporize. 

Pro tip: For the cleanest flavor, regularly clean the inside of your carb cap by simply wiping out using alcohol or your preferred cleaning solution. 

 Made with High Quality German Schott Glass for increased durability.

Carb Cap Information:

  • Height: 1 1/2"

  • Width: 1 1/4"

  • Single carb hole

  • Fits 20mm wide (outer diameter) domeless nails

  • Made of thick heavy wall Schott glass

  • Handmade in California by PurrⓇ Glass

  *Works with ANY Hybrid Nail Dish Type: Quartz Dish, Quartz DeepDish, Titanium Dish and 25mm Quartz Ebangers