MiniNail™ Flat Top Quartz Ebanger

$ 49.99

Brand MiniNail™

Get more Flavor with the MiniNail™ Quartz Ebanger Kit!  Low consistent heating of the quartz dish allows you to get more of your concentrate without "pooling" and cooling off and thus creates optimal vaporization.

MiniNail™ Flat Top Quartz Ebanger

  • Flat Top Quartz ebanger w/ straight hook made for easy use with your preexisting MiniNail™ heater coil (20mm Barrel Coil)
  • Features 3mm Extra Thick Quartz!
  • 14mm Quartz Joint
  • Includes Silicon Rubber Band for optional fastening


  • 20mm size intended for 20mm barrel-style heater coil design
  • Quartz joint size is 14mm Male and is designed to fit in glass rigs that have 14mm Female joints.