$ 699.99

J-Seal RigĀ 

MiniNail x Slugworth J-Seal Glass Rigs are designed to work great with eNails. Slugworth is known for his amazing attention to detail & well made, highly functional glass rigs; made with thick boro glass and a very sturdy design.

These J-Seal RigsĀ are built to have have amazing function and chug with no chance of "drinking" water from hitting it too hard.

Each one contains encalmos (rings of color) and each side is lip wrapped with a thin line of raven black. All also contain a custom MiniNailā„¢ Dichro Millie.

Boro Glass Color:Ā Orange Lava

J-Seal Rig Features:

  • Thick Boro Glass w/ Sturdy Base for Enails
  • Approx Width: 4"
  • Approx Height: 10"
  • 14mm Female Ground Joint/ Banger Hanger
  • MiniNailā„¢ļø Dichro Millie
  • Made in Colorado