$ 34.99

Glass Flower Bowl

A unique bowl designed for use with the MiniNail Flower Wand Vaporizer or Ball Vape. Get amazing flavor and vaporization from this durable glass flower bowl.

This bowl is an injector style design in that the wand's engine fits inside the glass bowl. This allows for a more effective and flavorful experience when vaping flower. 

This bowl also allows you to see your herb change colors as it is vaporizing since it is made of glass. It is easy to clean and maintain due to its simplistic design. 

Cleaning: We recommend wiping out the glass bowl after each use to help keep the filter holes clean and provide maximum air flow. Soaking bowl in iso alcohol is recommended for deep cleaning when there is a lot of resin built up.


  • Made from high quality Boro Glass. 
  • Fits 14mm Female Joint sizes 
  • Features a 7-hole glass screen

Package Includes: 

  • Glass Flower Bowl