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ENAIL KIT BUILD-A-BOX | Custom Build Your MiniNail

MiniNail Micro Enail Kit: Customize Your Ultimate Dabbing Experience

This Enail Kit Build-a-box allows you create your MiniNail the way you want it. Choose colors and accessories to make this MiniNail Enail Kit truly your own. 

Are you ready to elevate your dabbing sessions to new heights? Look no further than the MiniNail Micro Enail, the perfect solution for enthusiasts who demand the utmost in, quality, and performance.

With the ability to fully personalize every aspect of this Enail setup, you can create a truly tailored experience that suits your unique preferences and style.

ENAIL KIT BUILD-A-BOX | Custom Build Your MiniNail

With the MiniNail Micro Enail Kit, you have the freedom to build your eNail kit exactly the way you want it. No compromises. No limitations. Choose your favorite color, select your preferred nail type, and pick out custom dabbing accessories to enhance your sessions.

Every component of the kit is customizable, giving you the opportunity to create a setup that reflects your personal taste and elevates your dabbing game to the next level.

This Build-a-Box Enail Kit comes with the following, all with customization options:

  • Enail Controller Box
  • Hybrid Heater Coil (works with all MiniNail Nail Types)
  • Choice of Nail Type (Quartz Banger, Quartz Hybrid Nail, Titanium Nail, Silicon Carbide Nail)
  • Choice of Dabber / Carb Cap
  • Power Cord (Any country available)
  • Slab Pad¬†Non-Stick Dab Mat
  • Stickers
  • 2-Year Warranty

Here's what you'll find in the MiniNail Enail Kit:

Enail Controller Box:

The heart of your Enail setup, the MiniNail Micro Enail controller box delivers precise temperature control and exceptional reliability. Choose from many different colors.


Hybrid Heater Coil:

This MiniNail Enail Kit includes our state-of-the-art Hybrid Heater Coil. Designed to wrap around both the bottom and sidewalls of either the Hybrid Nail or Quartz Banger. This innovative design significantly improves effectiveness and efficiency, especially at lower temperatures. to fit all MiniNail Nail Types, this versatile heater coil ensures optimal heat distribution for efficient and effective dabbing.

Nail Type Options:

Choose from four high-quality nail types: Quartz Banger, Quartz Hybrid Nail, Titanium Hybrid Nail, and Silicon Carbide Hybrid Nail - each offering its own unique benefits and characteristics.

Nail Options for Build A Box

Dabber / Carb Cap:

Find the perfect dabber and carb cap combination to suit your preferences and enhance your dabbing experience.

Power Cord for the MiniNail Enail:

We offer power cords for any country, ensuring compatibility wherever you are. Simply select the appropriate option for your location. US and Canadian orders will receive the standard 120VAC plug (shown below).

Slab Pad Non-Stick Dab Mat:

Keep your dabbing station clean and organized with our premium Slab Pad Non-stick Dab Mat, designed for durability and functionality.

MiniNail Custom Stickers:

Show off your MiniNail with our dope, stylish stickers, perfect for personalizing your gear.

Additional E-Nail Accessories:

Explore our wide range of add-ons to further enhance your setup. From quartz terp pearls to replacement parts, our accessories collection has everything you need to optimize your dabbing session.

New Cyclone Spin Feature: Elevating Your Dabbing Experience

Experience the next level of dabbing innovation with our new Cyclone Spin feature. When paired with any carb cap, this unique addition creates a vortex inside the dishes, effectively moving and spinning the concentrate for even better functionality.

For an enhanced experience, try using our Terp Pearls. When the Terp Pearls are placed inside the dish, they generate a swirling motion. This distributes the concentrate across different areas of the dish for unparalleled functionality.

Hybrid Heater Coil: Maximizing Effectiveness and Efficiency

This MiniNail Enail Kit includes our state-of-the-art Hybrid Heater Coil. It designed to wrap around both the bottom and sidewalls of either the Hybrid Nail or Quartz Banger. This innovative design significantly improves effectiveness and efficiency, especially at lower temperatures.

Additional Information on Nail Options:

Quartz Hybrid DeepDish: Unleash the Full Flavor and Effect

For those seeking the ultimate flavor and effect from their dabs, the MiniNail Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Enail Kit is the perfect choice.

This kit represents our most popular eNail type, offering exceptional versatility and functionality. Its universal design, featuring male and female joint adapters, ensures compatibility with virtually any dab rig you own.

Enjoy the convenience of a modular setup, where you can easily remove and replace the quartz or titanium dishes as you see fit

Best of Both Worlds: Quartz Hybrid Titanium Nail

The best of both worlds with the Quartz Hybrid Titanium Nail, combining the exceptional flavor of quartz dishes with outstanding heat retention from titanium. The deep-walled dish spreads the surface area of your concentrates, maximizing their effectiveness.

Pre-calibrated for precise temperature accuracy, you can trust that you'll always enjoy the perfect hit.

Crafted from high-quality Titanium (Grade 2) and rigorously tested for purity by third-party labs, this nail is built to withstand daily use and is an ideal companion for travel.

25MM Quartz Banger: Unleash the Power of Pure Quartz Dabs

Designed specifically for the MiniNail E-Nail, the high-quality quartz banger in the 25MM Quartz Ebanger Kit delivers an unparalleled experience for fans of pure quartz dabs.

Meticulously crafted with perfect tolerances, this quartz banger boasts chamfered edges for seamless use with various bubble caps. Its thick walls and 5mm thick base offer superior heat retention and optimal function, even at low temperatures.

Additionally, the kit includes a quartz arm to provide stability and safety for your heater coil, as well as a silicon band for added coil support.

These features make it the ultimate enail set for those who demand the best from their pure quartz dabs.

Silicon Carbide Hybrid DeepDish

The Silicon Carbide Hybrid DeepDish Complete Enail Kit gives you amazing flavor and effect with the new Silicon Carbide Dish. This enail kit will work with virtually any rig you have as it is universal in design (with male and female joint adapters).

This Enail Kit is also modular in that you can remove the Silicon Carbide Dish and replace whenever you choose. The titanium body is not only extremely durable, but allows amazing temperature stabilization when consuming concentrates, allowing you to get the perfect hit every time.

Now with our new Cyclone Spin feature. All carb caps for this enail make a vortex inside the dish. This makes the concentrate move and spin more effectively giving you even better function with every use.

Can be used with our Small Quartz Terp Spheres and Small Ruby Terp Spheres that when placed inside the dish, cause for the balls to spin around, thus moving the concentrates to various areas of the dish for better functionality. 

This MiniNail eNail Kit includes the Hybrid Heater Coil that wraps around both the bottom and sidewalls of the Silicon Carbide Hybrid Nail for increased effectiveness and efficiency especially at low temperatures.

The increased surface area of the the DeepDish Silicon Carbide helps thin the concentrate out so you get better flavor and effect. The Hybrid Coil is also versatile, as it can also be used with our 25mm Quartz E-banger accessory as well. 

Silicon Carbide / SIC

The Silicon Carbide / Titanium Nail is the best of both worlds as it provides amazing flavor from the Silicon Carbide and outstanding heat retention from the titanium.

High thermal conductivity

Silicon Carbide (SiC) has a high thermal conductivity, which allows for efficient heat transfer and fast vaporization.

The deep walled dish helps to spread the surface area of your concentrates for maximum effectiveness. Pre-calibrated to the enail controller box for temperature accuracy so you can be sure you are at the perfect temperature. It is built to be a daily driver and is designed to be used all day everyday.

The MiniNail Silicon Carbide Hybrid Universal Nail can fit 10mm-18mm male joints sizes and 14mm-18mm female joint sizes so it will work with virtually any rig. Made of extremely high quality Titanium (Grade 2) and is 3rd party lab tested for purity. The nail top is modular and can also be used with our replacement Ti Dish Tops as well as our quartz hybrid dish tops. This setup is very easy to use and maintain. It is also extremely durable and great for travel.

Titanium Nail: Extreme Durability and Performance

The most durable of any nail option. High quality grade 2 Titanium on both the body and dish top make this a great choice for someone wanting an extrememly durable enail. The all titanium enail kit can travel well and take drops and abuse without affecting its performance. Get amazing vaporization from your concentrates due to the high thermal conductivity of the titanium nails body. Extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The universal titanium nail fits 10mm-18mm male and 14mm-18mm female joint sizes, making it compatible with virtually any rig. 

MiniNail‚ĄĘ Micro Enail: Compact, Powerful, and Efficient

The heart of the MiniNail Micro Enail Kit, the Micro Enail controller box itself, is a marvel of compactness, weighing a mere 5 ounces.

Operating at lower power with just 1amp/89watts, this enail not only saves you money on energy costs but also ensures long-lasting durability.

Crafted to be a true daily driver, this enail is designed to withstand rigorous use and provide a consistent experience day after day.

Available Worldwide: Embrace the MiniNail Experience

No matter where you are in the world, the MiniNail Micro Enail Kit is available to you. We offer 240V compatibility and include country-specific power cords with all international orders.

During checkout, simply provide your shipping address, and we'll ensure the correct power cord is included.

The temperature display is programmed to Celsius for universal convenience, making it easier than ever to experience the best eNail in the world.

MiniNail Enails: Unrivaled Quality, Unmatched Performance

For over ten years, MiniNail has proudly earned its reputation as the top-rated eNail by industry peers. The MiniNail Micro Enail Kit exemplifies our commitment to exceptional quality, superior performance, and complete customization.

Built to last the test of time, this kit is the epitome of reliability and durability, allowing you to enjoy countless memorable dabbing sessions.

Embrace the MiniNail Enail Revolution Today

Don't settle for mediocrity. Take control of your dabbing experience with the MiniNail Micro Enail Kit. With its extensive customization options, exceptional build quality, and unmatched performance, this kit is the ultimate choice for discerning enthusiasts.

Discover why MiniNail is trusted by dabbing enthusiasts worldwide. Elevate your dabbing sessions to new heights and unleash the full potential of your concentrates.

Join the MiniNail Enail revolution today!