$ 29.99

30mm XL Flat Tip Dabber & Carb Cap from MiniNail.

The 30mm XL Flat Tip Dabber is our most popular dabber style. Designed with a flat tip with a curved end that works great to get concentrates out of any container.

Includes our NEW cyclone carb cap design that features 2 angled port holes that create a whirlwind inside both the quartz ebanger and hybrid nail accessories. This whirlwind will help vaporize your concentrates more effectively and give you a better experience when dabbing.

Furthermore, the carb cap having two holes instead of just one will create maximum airflow inside the large dish. This will help move the concentrate around so it will more evenly vaporize.

This XL Dabber and Cap is made from the highest quality grade 2 titanium avalailable and is designed to stand the test of time. 

Additionally, the carb cap is removeable from the dabber in order to more easily clean and store.


  • 2 Port holes on the carb cap for increased cyclone function.
  • Featuring a slightly curved flattened edge for easy use.¬†¬†
  • Works on ALL MiniNail Nail types (Titanium Nail, Quartz Hybrid Nail, Quartz Ebanger)
  • Carb Cap/Dabber removable for easy cleaning¬†
  • Made from Lab certified Grade 2 Titanium

*Designed for use with 30mm Hybrid Nail or 30mm Quartz Banger