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XL Quartz Hybrid Titanium Hybrid Nail

The XL Quartz Hybrid Nail is a step up from the standard size in that is gives you much more surface area to take dabs. Since there is more surface area in the dish, the dab can spread out and become more thinly layered giving you very quick and flavorful dabs with less pulls from the rig.

Experience the best of both worlds with the excellent heat retention of titanium and the flavor experience of quartz!

Designed & Engineered to work with 30mm Hybrid Coils. Fits onto virtually all glass joint sizes (10mm - 18mm Male, 14-18mm Female glass joints). Made with the highest quality lab tested Certified Grade 2 Titanium


  • (x1) 30mm XL Quartz Deep Dish
  • Ti Screw
  • Ti Heat Spacer
  • Ti Male Adapter
  • Ti Female Adapter