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MiniNail x Black Market Glass Quartz Globstopper for eNail

The GLOBSTOPPER is the first collaboration between MiniNail and Black Market Glass and features CENTRIPETAL FORCE. Unlike centrifugal force, centripetal force brings everything to the center during rotation.  Because the rotation doesn’t rotate toward the walls (then up, and down the arm) we are able to cut a lot of the height needed to function properly.

Our current height has an arm connection at approximately 1.4 inches.

The 25mm Globstopper has 7 intakes and features a Parbilt, American manufactured ground joint.

Made in Portland, Oregon.

MiniNail™ Quartz Banger (25mm) (Standard Size)

  • Flat Top Quartz E-banger w/ straight hook made for easy use with MiniNail™️ Heater coils
  • High quality pure quartz
  • Chamfered Top for bubble caps
  • Features 3mm Extra Thick Quartz
  • 5mm Extra Thick Base for better heat retention (especially at low temps)
  • 14mm Quartz Joint size
  • Includes Silicone Band for optional fastening


  • The 25mm size is intended for the MiniNail Hybrid Heater Coil