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XL Silicon Carbide Dish

The XL Silicon Carbide Nail is a step up from the standard size in that it gives you much more surface area to take dabs. Since there is more surface area in the dish, the dab can spread out and become more thinly layered. This results in a very quick and flavorful dab with less pulls from the rig.

This SIC Dish is extremely easy to clean and maintain as the built up carbon can easily wipe away with the use of cotton swabs.

XL Silicon Carbide Deep Dish Hybrid Replacement Option Includes:

  • (1x) 30mm Silicon Carbide Deep Dish

    *Dish Top has a 30mm OD*

    *This Replaceable Dish Top can be used with either the Quartz Hybrid nail or the Titanium Nail.

    *Requires a 30mm Heater Coil to use.

    *Requires 30mm Carb Cap to work properly.

    *Will NOT work with 25mm Hybrid Heater Coil