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Silicon Carbide Universal Nail

Experience amazing flavor and vapor production with the Silicon Carbide DeepDish Nail. Easy to use, clean, and maintain.

Made from high quality, lab certified Silicon Carbide andĀ Grade 2 Titanium. Purpose built specifically for theĀ MiniNail eNail to provide the best heat transfer from the heater coil to the nail. Built for all day everyday use.

SIC NAIL Features:

  • Fits 10mm-18mm Male & 14-18mm Female glass joint sizes. Ā 
  • All parts are interchangeable and replaceable
  • Ability to work with other heater coils with adapter add-ons
  • Highest Quality Silicon Carbide & Medical Grade 2 TitaniumĀ (Lab Certified)
  • Can be used with ALL MiniNailĀ Dish Top Styles (Quartz, Titanium, Silicon Carbide)

Silicon Carbide Universal Nail Includes:

  • (1x) Silicon Carbide Dish Top
  • (1x) Titanium Screw
  • (1x) Titanium Heat Spacer
  • (1x) Titanium Male Adapter (Fits 10mm-18mm Joint Sizes)
  • (1x) Titanium Female Adapter ( Fits 14mm-18mm Joint Sizes)
  • Instruction ManualĀ