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MiniNail Magnetic Tie for Quartz Banger

Easily secure your Quartz Banger to your Heater Coil with the MiniNail Magnetic Tie. This magnetic tie can be applied, adjusted or removed quickly off the banger.

Designed as a secondary safety for when the heater coil is attached to the quartz banger. 

MiniNail Magnetic ties are heavy duty and made of premium rubber and two built-in strong magnets for long term use. Great for attaching a quartz banger to any enail heater coil.  

MiniNail Magnetic Tie Features:

  • Magnetic Band that easily connects and disconnects from the Quartz Banger
  • Helps Fasten the Heater Coil to the Quartz Banger
  • Will Work on ANY Quartz Banger models

MiniNail Magnetic Tie Includes:

  • x1 Magnetic Tie