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XL Silicon Carbide Hybrid Universal Nail

The XL Silicon Carbide Hybrid Universal Nail (30mm) allows you to experience the best of both worlds with the excellent heat retention of titanium and the flavor experience of Silicon Carbide (SIC).

The XL Silicon Carbide (SIC) Nail has even more surface area to allow even larger dabs. With it's ability to retain heat you will get impressive clouds and effective vaporization from your concentrates.

Extremely easy to clean and maintain. SIC surface cleans up easily with a cotton swab or high temp cleaning.

Designed & Engineered to work with 30mm Hybrid Coils. Fits onto virtually all glass joint sizes (10mm - 18mm Male, 14-18mm Female glass joints).

Made with the highest quality lab tested Certified Grade 2 Titanium. The XL Silicon Carbide (SIC) Nail is designed to provide a superior dabbing experience with a combination of titanium heat retention and flavorful, vaporized concentrate.

Furthermore, its greater surface area ensures a larger dab size to create extra-large clouds, and it is easy to clean and maintain after use.

Enjoy this high-quality and efficient product with confidence, knowing it is lab-tested and certified grade 2 titanium.


XL SIC NAIL Features:

  • Fits 10mm-18mm Male & 14-18mm Female glass joint sizes.  
  • All parts are interchangeable and replaceable
  • Ability to work with other heater coils with adapter add-ons
  • Highest Quality Silicon Carbide & Medical Grade 2 Titanium (Lab Certified)
  • Can be used with ALL XL MiniNail Dish Top Styles (Quartz, Silicon Carbide)



  • (x1) 30mm XL Silicon Carbide Deep Dish
  • Ti Screw
  • Ti Heat Spacer
  • Ti Male Adapter
  • Ti Female Adapter