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XL Quartz Deep Dish (30mm)

The XL Quartz Deep Dish (30mm) is a high quality Quartz Dish designed for use with the MiniNail XL Hybrid Nail. This XL Dish gives you much more surface area than the standard Quartz Dish size and allows for large dabs and maximum efficiency.

This XL Dish can use both small and large terp pearls (3mm and 6mm).

    XL Quartz Dish Features:

    *Dish Top has a 30mm OD*

    *This Replaceable Dish Top can be used with either the Quartz Hybrid nail or the Titanium Nail.

    *Requires a 30mm Heater Coil to use.

    *Requires 30mm Carb Cap to work properly.

    *Will NOT work with 25mm Hybrid Heater Coil


    • (1x) 30mm Quartz Deep Dish