$ 1,799.00

Brand The MiniNail ™

The Future of Rosin

Finally, A Small Rosin Press with BIG Results! Designed and engineered for rosin processing at an industrial level. Has the ability to press a 1/4 lb of flower or hash per press with no loss of quality. Weighing in at only 44 lbs, the MiniNail™ RTEK Press is easy to transport and can be setup on virtually any table space. Utilizing a 20 ton hydraulic press with Dual Heated plates gives you the ability to press large amounts at very low temperatures, preserving volatile terpenes. Manufactured in Seattle, Washington for the utmost quality.

  • 100% Solvent FREE extraction 
  • Press up to 115 grams ( 1/4 lb) of flower, hash, or trim 
  • Utilizes Mininail™ Dual temperature controller for accurate and consistent plate temperatures 
  • Dual Heat Plates for fully temperature customization and control
  • Ideal Pressing Temperature reached in under 15 minutes
  • Dimensions: L 152MM x W 241MM x H 290MM
  • Plate size 6" x 6" (152MM x 152MM)
  • Presses up to 20 Tons
  • Lightweight 44lbs (19.96kg) 
  • 20-Ton Hand Pump (optional) 
  • Fully Anodized frame 
  • Factory calibrated for reliable and accurate temperatures
  • Pre press Mold Included 
  • 2 Year Warranty 
  • American Aluminum 6061/7075
  • Made in Seattle, Washington USA

MiniNail™ RTEK Press comes with:

  • RTEK Andodized Aluminum Frame
  • MiniNail™ Dual Controller Unit
  • (2x) Dual Heater Rods w/ K-type Thermocouple
  • (2x) Extension Coils
  • Pre-Press Mold
  • Power Cord
  • Non-stick Large Slab Pad
  • 2-year Warranty
  • (OPTIONAL) 20 Ton Manual Pump
MININAIL™ RTEK Press is also compatible with:  
  • Air Pneumatic and Electric Hydraulic Pumps