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MiniNail Classic Quartz Banger Enail Kit

*Limited Offer, While Supplies Last*

Savor your terpenes with this Classic Full Quartz Banger eNail Kit. Features a standard 25mm Quartz Banger, 25mm Barrel Style Heater coil that wraps only around the sidewalls of the Quartz bucket.

This classic Quartz MiniNail enail kit is also modular in that you can upgrade to different heater coil styles such as the Hybrid Heater Coil. 

This Classic Quartz Banger eNail Kit can be used with our Quartz Terp Spheres, Ruby Terp Spheres, and Sapphire Terp Spheres; that when placed inside the dish, cause for the balls to move around, thus moving the concentrates to various areas of the dish for better functionality. 

The MiniNail 25MM Quartz Banger will fit 14MM female joint sizes on glass rigs. Made of extremely high quality Quartz for everyday use and amazing flavor retention. 

25mm Barrel Heater Coil

The 25mm Barrel style heater coil heats evenly around the side walls of the quartz banger dish. This enail kit can also be upgraded in the future to the hybrid heater coil while still utilizing all accessories.

Glass Straw Cap

The Glass Straw Cap is a carb cap designed for 25mm Quartz Bangers. It features directional flow that allows you to move your concentrates around the inside of the dish. It includes a large air path in the straw for increased vapor production. This carb cap is made of high quality boro glass.

Glass Shovel Dabber

The MiniNail Glass Shovel Dabber is great for scooping up concentrates like diamonds and sauce. It is designed to fit all the way down to the base of every style of MiniNail nail types. It is precision cut and shaped to resemble a shovel style dabber. This dabber is made of high quality German Schott Glass. This glass dabber is not recommended for hard shatter type concentrates and is best suited for diamonds, sauces, and rosin. 

Easy to Clean

This all Quartz Banger eNail Kit is easy to clean. Simply apply a cotton swab dipped in either distilled water or iso alcohol to the dish immediately after use to clean out any remaining concentrate. Doing so will eliminate carbon buildup in the dish. Quartz Banger can also be soaked in iso alcohol for more in depth cleaning. 

This Classic MiniNail kit is pre-calibrated for temperature accuracy so you can be sure you are at the perfect temperature. It is built to be a daily driver and is designed to be used all day everyday.

Small and Efficient, but Powerful

MiniNail‚ĄĘ Micro Enail is extremely small and is slightly larger than a business card; weighing in at only 5 ounces. It is also a lower power Enail that runs on only 1amp / 89 watts of power. It is built¬†to be a daily driver and is designed to be used all day everyday.¬†

PLEASE NOTE: NOT AVAILABLE with 240VAC International Options. Only 120VAC is available for this MiniNail eNail Kit. 

This MiniNail eNail Kit comes with the following, all with customization options:

  • CONTROLLER BOX¬†(your choice of color)


  • Accurate and Precise Temperatures
  • Temperature Range from 0-1000¬ļF
  • Fast heat up time
  • Extremely small and lightweight
  • Low Power Use (Only 1 amp)
  • Internal Fuse for safety
  • Can be hooked up to smart devices (Amazon Alexa) with a smart plug
  • Compatible with almost any glass rig
  • Can be used with a portable battery pack
  • Made in Seattle, Washington USA
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Upgradable: Can be used with any of the other Heater Coil sizes and styles MiniNail offers.