20mm MiniNail™ Dab Pack

$ 124.99

Brand MiniNail™

Glob it ALL!  

20mm Domeless Universal Nail made from Grade 2 Titanium.  Purpose built specifically for the MiniNail™  to provide the best heat transfer from the coil to the nail.

  • Fits 10mm-18mm male and female connections.  
  • Comes with four (4) pieces; Bowl, Heat Guard, Male Adapter and Female Adapter.
  • Can handle over 3 grams of Concentrate!

Carb cap and dabber combination made from Grade 2 Titanium.  

  • Featuring a slightly curved flattened edge for easy use.  
  • Carb cap fits perfectly over the MiniNail™ Domeless Titanium nail to create a high pressure environment for the best low temperature dabs.
  • Carb Cap/Dabber removable for easy cleaning

20mm Heater Coil 

  • On a 4 foot fiberglass sheathed lead
  • Features 5 pin mini-XLR grounded connection (for longer life of the coil)