Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos

  1. Out of the box setup

Opening the box and taking inventory of each part included.  Plug the coil into the controller and the power cord into the controller.  Turn off controller and plug into wall.  Reference next instructional video depending on nail type.

  1. Install Titanium Nail

Choosing the appropriate adapter size.  Unscrewing the nail top and installing the coil tightly.  Reference adapter sizing and coil sizing videos.

  1. Install Quartz Banger

Check the banger fits the rig. Gently twist the coil onto the banger if it is tight.  Place the coil handle over the safety hook.  Further secure with the silicone band.

  1. Install Hybrid Nail

Choosing the appropriate adapter size.  Remove the down screw and bowl piece.  Choose bowl type and replace with coil.  Screw quartz in gently.  Unscrew and remove flat coil, replace with 20mm slug and barrel coil.

-Changing from Regular to DeepDish

  1. Turn on and adjusting Temperature

Turn on the nail, temperatures at room temp may read negative to begin, only part of calibration.  Heat up about 2 min.  Adjust temp by using up and down.  Set temp shows flashing, current temp shows steady.

  1. Adapter Sizing

Determining the appropriate adapter size.  Universal nail works for all, quartz bangers you must choose one sizing.  Show all size rigs, 10mm – 18mm male and female next to common objects.

  1. Coil Sizing

Show different coil types flat, barrel and hybrid.  Show different sizes of barrel coils next to change for size comparison. 

  1. Loosen the 20mm Coil for Bangers

While coil is cold, press bottom of coil in to temporarily increase the coil diameter and install banger.

  1. Coil Guard Installation

Only compatible with Hybrid and Titanium nails.  Unscrew adapter and place coil guard in between heat shield and adapter.  Position the heater coil handle in the gap in the Coil guard and tight down the adapter. 

  1. Clean Mode

Remove from rig.  Set temp to 1200, wait for 10 minutes and turn back to desired temp.

  1. Stuck Nail Tips

Cool down to room temp.  Boiled water over the joint. Iso in the joint with boiled water.

  1. Packing for Warranty Return

Fill out the warranty return form.  Remove the nail from the coil and the power cord from the controller.  Send only the coil and controller unless otherwise instructed with the completed warranty return form.