Toss the torch and pick up a MiniNail electric concentrate vaporizer (enail). Low, constant temperatures allow you to get more out of your concentrates. No more waiting for the torch and feeling for the right temperature. Be certain your nail is always ready to go at the temperature you desire most for the best concentrate vaping experience.

The MiniNail box package comes complete with controller unit, heating coil, titanium universal domeless nail, and titanium carb cap with dabber.



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  • Easy to read digital temperature display

  • Grounded AC power connection

  • 5-pin mini XLR probe connection

  • ON/OFF main power switch


  • Temperature range of 200-1100  ̊F

  • 16mm barrel coil inner diameter (I.D.)


  • Six foot grounded power cord

  • Coil heater on three foot lead

  • MiniNail™ controller unit

  • Universal domeless titanium nail

  • Titanium carb cap and dabber