About us

Our Story

The primary vision of our founders was to create a better dabbing experience. The developers of the MiniNail are dedicated to inventing new technologies that aim to advance the dabbing community as a whole.

Our team strives to shape a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued above all else. We're in the game to not only imagine the future of concentrate vaporization, but to create it.

Better dabs is just the beginning. We're passionate engineers, developers, designers, marketers and visionaries. One goal unites us—to create products and experiences our customers simply can't get anywhere else.

MiniNail aspires to be a leader of sustainability in the counter-culture industry. We are committed to the journey — as a business, an employer, a community member, and an environmental steward. By thinking and acting sustainably, we will deliver excellent customer service and create better products to position the company for a strong future. Learn more.