Universal Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Nail

$ 109.99

Brand MiniNail™

MiniNail™ Universal Quartz Hybrid DeepDish Nail.  Fits onto virtually all glass joint sizes.  It will also work with ANY heater coil style we have! Includes 2 Quartz DeepDish Tops and a Titanium Dish.  Get the taste of Quartz with the function of Titanium.  Made from the high quality lab certified Grade 2 Titanium. Welcome to Terp Town!

Comes with:

  • (2x) 25MM OD Quartz DeepDish Top
  • 20MM Titanium Dish Top
  • Ti Heat Spacer
  • Universal Male/Female Ti Adapters (10MM -18MM male/female connections)

Works With/Compatible With:

  • Flat Style Heater Coils
  • 16MM Barrel Style Heater Coils
  • 20MM Barrel Style Heater Coils


Please Note: Will Works best with 20MM Carb Caps!