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MiniNail Dabbers Holiday Gift Guide

MiniNail Dabbers Holiday Gift Guide

Curated Gifts for the Dabbing Connoisseur. 


It's time for the holidays and you know what that means? More time in front of your bong! Nothing kicks off the holidays better than a nice dab at the perfect temp. This is why we have made a list of the best MiniNail gifts to give the dabber in your life. MiniNail makes the best high-quality one of a kind devices for consuming concentrates so you really can't go wrong. 

Best Gift for Someone New to Dabbing

New to dabbing? Don’t want to use a torch or flame? Want it to be easy? The MiniNail has you covered.

MiniNail Quartz Hybrid DeepDish eNail Kit:


The Quartz Hybrid DeepDish eNail Kit is our most popular eNail Kit and for good reasons. It is easy to setup and use on a consistent basis. It is universal and can fit on almost any rig you own. You get a great mixture of flavor and vapor especially at lower temperatures. Furthermore, you can easily replace the dish tops to try a variety of different surfaces such as: Quartz, Titanium, and Silicon Carbide. You can also add Terp Spheres inside the dishes to get more function and vapor production. The best dabbing device for new dabbers and seasoned vets. 

Great Stocking Stuffers


Every dabber loves accessories to use that makes dabbing easier, more functional and are just plain cool. New tools and accessories are always a welcome sight to daily concentrate consumers.


Custom Cotton Swabs:

Keep your Quartz Banger and Quartz Dishes clean with these Custom Swabs. MiniNail Custom Cotton Swabs are designed with our products in mind. The small end to get inside nooks and crannies like the banger neck for cleaning along with a big end for cleaning up the dish. Each container comes with 100 Swabs.


MiniNail x MooseLabs Silicone Mouthpeace: 

Share bongs and dab rigs without sharing germs. These "bong condoms" are great at allowing you to share glass rigs responsibly without spreading germs. They also include 3 triple-layer activated carbon filters that will enhance flavors by removing resins, toxins, and tar; all without blocking your intake or reducing airflow.


Replacement Quartz Dish 2-Pack:


Fresh Quartz Replacements are always a great gift. These 2-Pack Dishes work on any Hybrid Nail design including the traditional Titanium Nail and are easy to install. 


Ninja Sword Dabber:

One of MiniNail's most popular dabber tools. These Titanium Ninja Sword Dabbers are dual anodized and can be removed from the carb cap. The carb cap base features the new cyclone function that allows for Terp Pearls to spin inside the dish. A great tool to add to any dabbers collection.



Best Gifts for Stoners Under $25

Glass Shovel Dabber:

These Glass Dab Tools are a fan favorite. They are small, versatile, and great for sauce and diamonds. It is used by many photographers on Instagram to highlight macro shots with concentrates.


Heater Coil Guard:

Give the gift of “no more burns!” These custom coil guards are designed to keep the heat away from touching unwanted items. It is warm to the touch but will not burn. Works with the Quartz Banger and Hybrid Nail accessory. They come in 3 colors: Silver, Gold, Rainbow.


Non-Stick Slab Pads:

Protect the dabbing area with these cool non-stick Dab Pads. Available in Large and Small Sizes. Any dab or resin that falls onto this surface will be easy to remove.

Best Gift for Dabbers Under $50

Glass Cyclone Carb Cap: 

Glass Cyclone Carb Cap

These Glass Cyclone Carb Caps have become quite popular because it creates a swirling vortex inside your dish. The Cyclone Carb Caps work with both Quartz Bangers (25mm) and our Hybrid Nail types. They are made in USA using German Schott Glass for durability. They have a unique look resembling a car turbo that rips the air around the dish and maximizing your vapor production. 


Quartz Banger:


A fresh MiniNail Quartz Banger is always sure to please. Our Quartz Bangers are designed with very precise tolerances to fit the MiniNail Heater Coil perfectly to ensure proper vaporization every time. They also include thick  beveled edges on the bowl and a 5mm thick base. This thick quartz banger is also durable and easy to clean/maintain. 



Best Gift for Dabbers Under $100

Titan XL Rig:


The Titan XL Rig is a small yet extremely functional rig designed to work with the MiniNail eNail. It is a collaboration between MiniNail and MJ Arsenal. MJ Arsenal is known for their uniquely small glass dab rigs. The Titan XL is the largest rig they have ever created to date. It comes standard with a 14mm female joint and will work with any accessory option MiniNail carries (Quartz Banger, Hybrid Nail and Titanium Nails).

Travel Case:

The MiniNail Travel Case is perfect for any dabber on the go. This Travel Case allows the user to carry their MiniNail and glass rig anywhere they go. The Pick and Pull foam insert allows for unlimited customization inside of the case to fit any rig you may have. TSA friendly, waterproof and secure for all your travel needs. 

Best Gift for the Dabber Who Thinks They Have Everything.

MiniNail Dab Bar:

The MiniNail Dab Bar was originally created for Medical Consumption Lounges (Dab Bars) in legal states such as California and Washington State. It then became popular to anyone who had a large number of guests or were going to be dabbing out a lot of people. This 6-Unit Dab Bar is sure to be the talk of the party when you have all 6 rigs attached to it and lined up. Controls 6 different heater coils and can all be adjusted individually. 

The MiniNail Dab bar was listed on High Times Top Gifts for Stoners in 2019.